“What type of person comes to your mind when you hear somebody talk about a “Real Hero”?” What are the qualities and who is one person you would consider to be a hero today.

I don’t have a hero, but someone else’s hero might be a firefighter, or a person who worksin and ambulance. I think a hero can be as simple as a neighbor who gets your cat out of a tree. A firefighter could save your home from being burnt down, and a person who works in an ambulance can save your life.

Electoral qualifications

As you know now there are certain things you need to know and be good at to vote. Now we vote for people to vote for the president. But what if we directly voted for the president? What do you think would be some qualifications?

Here’s mine: Need to be 18 or older, need to know whats best for our world and government, and take one small test in the beginning for a voting license that doesn’t need to be renewed.


Actions or Intentions

“Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions, why?”

For the most part I define people by their actions. I think it all depends of the situation you are in, and how well you know the people that are in that situation. I define people by their actions mostly because if I was in a situation with my best friend and she said she didn’t do her homework I wouldn’t think she was a bad person who was lazy and never did her homework because I know her and she doesn’t do that often. If I was in a situation with a person I just met and they said I didn’t do my homework; I would think they never do their homework and they were a lazy person who just never did their homework.


This weekend I was at the Meriden animal shelter and went into the free cat room. In this room there was about 50 cats that were not in cages and roamed around where ever they wanted to go. The room was pretty big (about one and a half class rooms) with lots of cat toys, scratching things, towers, and cat beds. On all the walls were small steps going up the wall and at the top was a small piece of wood they could go on which was like the rooms border. kind of like this yellow board but it was on the whole wall….. http://www.mediatinker.com/blog/images/nekobukuro5.jpg . I wanted to take all the cats home, but I didn’t take home any. How much do you like cats? On a scale 1-5.

My speech

To all my fellow citizens, we will get to a better economy by next year. We will invest in a plan to free us from the poor economy. By next year we will have changed the daily things we use to be more green and energy efficient. There are many challenges that may be hard, but we will do everything we can to fix our problems with the economy, schools, health care, and environment. I am the first African American president in 44 years. I plan to at least change more than five things about our economy, health care, and environment in the next 4-8 years I will be the president of the United States.